You've read my webpage (several times). You liked the face picture I emailed to you after we had a delightful phone conversation, and finally, we've met. Things are going surprisingly smoothly and we are talking like old friends. There's a pregnant pause, The room feels just what is going to happen next?

Because of my laid-back style, and humbly-confident manner, most men feel instantly comfortable in my presence, and trust me completely. It is for this reason that I am an expert at guiding men in new experiences. I think we all need to expand our comfort level from time to time and open ourselves up to a little vulnerability. However, it is very important to do this with a gentleman who makes you feel desirable, someone with whom you are cozy and secure, someone you know you can trust. First timers, inexperienced, curious, or those more experienced, I AM THAT MAN.

Above all I am extraordinarily affectionate, and very very sweet. Being slightly dominant, without being the least bit rude or arrogant, comes very natural to me. If you dont like dominant guys, don't worry I can turn that off for you. Of course I can turn it up too if that is your thing!

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